January 10, 2012

Hi all!!
“R.A.Crystal”new gift for you!
It is a collaboration item with Salon de Glow this time.
Please come and get this gift.


I release a new group gift.
Please come and get!!

R.A.Crystal main shop

New Release Information

June 28, 2010

This time, I made some accessories first called “peineta” using when we are dancing a flamenco.
And I made a necklace and earings also to fit with “peineta”.
I think that although they are ethnic taste a little bit, the peineta fits as party dress or japanese kimono.

The material is colored the metal of 3 colors each based on amber and onyx.

“R.A.Crystal”is here

The bridal show was regretfully cancelled as the sim crashed due to overload. I would like to appologize to the guests and those who worked to make this show happen. My sincerest apologies. Please join us on the 17th as we will once agian challenge to have the show.

During this show, a new jewelry will be up for sale: “Cupid”, an accessory indeed perfect for brides.

Show time:
April 17, 10pm (JPT)
April 17, 6am (SLT)
sponsors:**La petite fleur** & *R.A.Crystal*
place:please come to my main shop, and touch the panel



主催:**La petite fleur** & *R.A.Crystal*

Have a wonderful weekend!

“R.A.Crystal”main shop here

New release *Bliss*no.2

March 18, 2010

It is the second of the ribbon series of Bliss. It is sales only of the necklace.

This commodity is 50% off sale.

R.A.Crystal here

As you know, our main shop has already been renewal.
However, our main shop has moved at main land now.
So, we have released the new accessory sets as renewal open anniversary.
The new stuff is “Bliss”. It will be fit on you as both formal and casual outfits using a ribbon
Please come and enjoy our shop!

*Here is good news for you.
You can buy some stuff as 50% discount for 2 weeks limited.
The stuff is affixed a seal on it. ( You will not be available if the seal is not on it..)
A new item *Bliss* pink pearl version is half the price too!
Please purchase if you like them.

New LM
R.A.Crystal here

*Kathy* tiara

December 28, 2009

It adjusted at the jewelry show though it is a commodity before, and it introduces “Kathy”. The tiara was added to the current one.

“R.A.Crystal”is here